Mohib Praises Pakistan’s Interior Minister for Admitting Country Hosting Taliban Families


KABUL: Hamdullah Moheb, Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor, in a tweet this Monday, praised Sheikh Rashid Ahmad’s disclosure of Taliban’s residence in Pakistan. 

In a recently broadcasted television interview, Pakistan’s interior minister, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, confirmed the Afghan Taliban’s and their families’ residence in Pakistan, saying ‘everyone knows this.’

In reaction to these statements, Hamdullah Moheb in a tweet appreciated “courageous Pakistanis,” saying, “I commend Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid for exposing Pakistani support to Taliban. We need more brave Pakistanis to speak out against the onslaught on Afghanistan.”

He is the only Pakistani official who has acknowledged Afghan-Taliban’s presence in Pakistan’s territory. 

On the other hand, Afghanistan’s foreign ministry stated, “The Pakistani Taliban movement has never been formed in Afghanistan and does not operate on our soil.”

The Afghan government has usually blamed Pakistan for providing safe havens to the Afghan Taliban, something the neighbor country had always denied, until Pakistan’s interior ministry admitted it during a Geo News interview.