Afghans Will Not Bow to Force: Ghani


KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a press conference after his meeting with US President Joe Biden, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other American officials and lawmakers on Friday stated, that Afghans are ready to ensure the security of their country and he respects the US decision to pull its troops out of Afghanistan.


“Force is not a way to compel an Afghan to submission. We still call on them to have a ceasefire and to engage in a political process because a political settlement is an ultimate mechanism of ending a war. As Lincoln said the best way of treating an enemy to turn him into a friend,” he said.


President Ghani added that Kabul and Washington have entered into a new chapter of their relations “following the announcement of the withdrawal of troops from the country.”


“We respect this decision,” President Ghani said. “It is dealing with a new chapter of our friendship; our strategic relationship and our people-to-people relationship and government to government relationship that we have focused on,” he added.


This comes as Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in a recent interview with Arabnews said that if Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, “his country will not take military action against the Taliban.”