“Taliban Transfer Military Equipment to Pakistan” Officials


PAKTIA: A number of government officials have claimed that the Taliban transfer military equipment including armored tanks they capture from Afghan forced during conflicts, to Pakistan.


Acting Interior Minister Gen. Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal who visited Paktia province on Saturday he said. he had intelligence information that shows the Taliban shifted military equipment to the neighbor country. 


“There is also information that the Taliban take some (military) tanks to Pakistan through Zabul province (in southern Afghanistan),” the acting interior minister said. “The National Security Council and the commander in chief have ordered permanent patrols to target any tank that is tried to be taken to Pakistan.”


Head of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance Shamim Khan Katawazai echoed the minister’s claims, adding that “military equipment” had been carried “across the Durand Line,” which serves as the de facto border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. 


“They have taken military equipment owned by security forces across the Durand Line,” said Shamim Khan Katawazai, head of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance. “There are evidence and footage about this. Pakistani soldiers have clicked photos with them,” he added.


Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has rejected the transfer of military equipment by Taliban to Pakistan.