US Drone Strikes Target Taliban Positions in Northern Afghanistan


KABUL: A US Defense Official has said that the US has launched two drone strikes targeting the Taliban militants in northern Baghlan and Kunduz provinces.


The incidents happened few hours before the Biden-Ghani meeting in Washington. According to a Fox News report, an unknown number of Taliban insurgents were killed in the strikes.


The Afghan Ministry of Defense has not commented on the regard so far. However, this Friday, the Afghan Air Forces targeted the Taliban with air attacks in Imam Sahib, Khan Abad, and Gor Tapa districts in the northern province of Kunduz.

According to the ministry’s statement, 35 Taliban fighters were killed, including three key commanders, Qari Jawad Hashemi, Haidari, and Mawlawi Qadir.

According to sources, three districts, Khost Firing, Guzargah-e-Noor in Baghlan, and Dolina in Ghor province have fallen to the Taliban last Thursday and Friday. At the same time, Afghan forces have retaken the control of seven districts in Bamyan, Paktia, and Baghlan provinces.

In a recent tweet this Thursday, Sami Sadat, Commanding General of Afghan Army Corps, announced that “Al-Qaida lost 65 members, IEDs, ammunition & weapons experts who worked with Taliban in battles of Helmand province, Including a senior Al-Qaida members named Engineer Attwa Ul Haqayeq, who designed bunkers for Bin Laden and Zawahiri.”

Following escalation in violence in various parts of Afghanistan, people of many provinces have taken arms in support of ANDSF.