Balkh Residents Take Arms to Support Afghan Forces


KABUL: A number of people in a rally in Mazar-r-Sharif, capital of Balkh province said that they would stand by Afghan forces and do not let the Taliban to capture the province.

Ghulam Abbas Ibrahimzadah, a member of parliament, talking to the gathering today, said that Balkh residents mobilized to fight Taliban and do not allow them to take control of the province.


Fawzia Hamidi and Gulrahman Hamdard, other members of the parliament have termed the role of public very important for the security of the province, saying Balkh would be protected against any threats with the unity of its people.


Meanwhile, a number of youths who in the rally said that the people could no longer accept the Taliban, asking the insurgent group to stop violence.


This comes as attacks from Taliban have recently increased on government targets throughout the country that worried Afghans of worsened situation.