Paktika, Uruzgan Residents Take Arms to Stand Against Taliban


KABUL: Following surge in Taliban attacks on Afghan security forces, hundreds of residents of Paktika and Uruzgan provinces have reportedly armed with weapons to support the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).


The public armed upraising involved former jihadi fighters and untrained residents come as the violence by Taliban has unprecedentedly increased in various parts of the country.


More than a hundred residents in Paktika and Uruzgan provinces, including youths and the elderly, have taken arms in support of the Afghan forces.


People from Balkh, Parwan, and Kapisa provinces also earlier announced their support for Afghan forces by taking weapons against the Taliban.


On the other hand, some politicians and experts criticized armament of the public, saying the move will pave way for a potential increase in uncontrolled violence.