Adjustments to Troop Pullout Possible Based on Conditions: Pentagon


KABUL: Pentagon spokesperson, John Kirby  has told reporters that as the deadline for troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan by September is certain, adjustments could be made to the pace of withdrawal based on conditions.


He said, “If there need to be changes made to the pace, or to the scope and scale of the retrograde, on any given day or in any given week, we want to maintain the flexibility to do that.”


He expressed concern stating, “The situation in Afghanistan changes as the Taliban continue to conduct these attacks and to raid district centers as well as the violence, which is still too high.”


“We’re constantly taking a look at this, every single day: what’s the situation on the ground, what capabilities do we have, what additional resources do we need to move out of Afghanistan, and at what pace. All of these decisions are being made in real-time,” He added.


According to Kirby, “So long as we have the capability in Afghanistan, we will continue to provide assistance to Afghan forces. But as the retrograde gets closer to completion, those capabilities will wane and will no longer be available.”


Last week, Pentagon officials announced that US troops’ withdrawal is halfway complete. Pentagon so far has removed hundreds of its cargo-plane loads of equipment and has handed over many of its key bases to Afghan forces.