US Calls for End to Violence in Afghanistan


KABUL: The US State Department Spokesperson, Ned Price has called for an end to ongoing violence in Afghanistan, stressing that negotiations are the only way for finding a peaceful solution to the Afghan war.


In a press briefing on Tuesday, Price said, “We continue to call for an end to the ongoing violence that has been driven largely by the Taliban. We continue to believe the negotiated settlement between the Islamic Republic and the Taliban is the only way to end 40 years of war and to bring Afghans the peace they seek.”


“We urge the sides to engage in serious negotiations to determine a political roadmap for Afghanistan’s future. That leads to what we have consistently called for, and that’s a just and durable political settlement,” he said.


Price reiterated on the US’ support for the Afghan National Defense Forces, saying, “We, for our part, will continue to support the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces; it’s a strong, standing force of more than 300,000 Afghan personnel. While our support will transition, as you’ve heard from the President, we’ll continue to provide security assistance to the ANDSF.”


These statements from the White House come as violence surged in Afghanistan countrywide. The US and Afghan presidents are set to meet this Friday to discuss the future of US support to the Afghan government.