Achieving Shared Objectives, Cooperation Linked to Stability in Afghanistan: Qureishi


KABUL: Pakistani foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureishi, expressed his concerns over the slow-paced  Afghan peace negotiations, saying regional connectivity and economic cooperation were linked to stability in Afghanistan.


Talking to media on Tuesday, Qureishi said that leaders and foreign ministers from 24 countries have acknowledged Pakistan’s role in the peaceful resolution in Afghanistan.


He said, “Afghans have to make the decision about their future … Pakistan desires lasting peace in Afghanistan as an immediate neighbor its interests are linked with it. With peace and stability, the shared objectives of connectivity and economic cooperation can be met.”


He considered peace talks as a test for Afghanistan’s leadership, saying that an Afghan faction is running away from its failures in Afghanistan. However, he did not provide further details in this regard.


Similarly, in his meeting with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Chairman of the High Council of National Reconciliation, Qureishi expressed his concerns over recent conflict developments in Afghanistan.

Pakistan which harbors Taliban leaders is said to have more influence on the insurgent group and is urged by the international community to encourage the movement to the negotiating table.