Qureishi Appears More like Taliban’s Foreign Minister Than of Pakistan’s: Dawar


KABUL: Following recent remarks of Shah Mehmod Qureishi on Islamabad’s relations with the Taliban, Pakistan National Assembly, Mohsin Dawar has said that the minister appeared to have tasked by “people who are controlling the Pakistani government and the Taliban.”

Known for his dogmatic takes on Pakistani affairs, Mohsin Dawar expressed his dissent with Mahmood Qureishi’s interview, stating he “appears more like the Taliban’s Foreign Minister instead of Pakistan’s.” 

He argued that those “supporting the Taliban cannot claim to work for peace,” followed by a comment about corruption in play.

Mahmood Qureishi’s interview with Tolo News was released on June 19, 2021. In the interview, Qureishi denied the presence of Taliban leaders and shuras (councils) in Pakistan.