If the Taliban Want Enmity Then They Will Face a Serious Response: Ghani


KABUL: During a ceremony introducing new acting ministers for defense and interior ministries,  President Ashraf Ghani warned the Taliban of facing serious response in case of continued “enmity.”


He said that the Taliban must decide if they would seek a political solution or “enmity.”
“The Taliban must choose: do you want to be in the future based on a lasting and just peace based on a political solution with dignity or do you want enmity, to which this nation will give a strong response? No one should doubt this,” Ghani said.

He criticized the group for the increasing attacks on civilians and infrastructure, questioning, “Why are you targeting public facilities, bridges, and culverts? Why are you placing roadside mines that kill women and children? Why are you burning schools and the district buildings?”

It is clear like sun that the Taliban work for others, Ghani added, saying that national security institutions would be further strengthened upon new appointments in the National Defense and Interior Ministries.
He added, “Here we must conclude that we will not surrender to the terrorists, we will not surrender to the grim plans, we are the future-makers, we are shaping the future.”

Ghani’s statements come as peace negotiations are at standstill and violence spiked in many parts of the country.