Taliban Say Committed to Peace Talks and Mutual Understanding


Taliban’s deputy leader in political affairs, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar has expressed the group’s commitment to peace talks and resolving issues through mutual understanding.

Baradar in a statement on Sunday emphasized “Afghans’ mutual compromises, hard decisions, and accepting each other because positive advancement is not possible in a time of dissension, war, and confrontation.”

He asserted the Taliban’s openness to a mutual understanding, saying their participation in peace negotiations meant the group was ready for talks.
In the statement, the Taliban have expressed their desire to have a “genuine Islamic system” in Afghanistan.

The source reiterated the group’s previous statements on women’s rights, saying, “We take it on ourselves as a commitment to accommodate all rights of citizens of our country, whether they are male or female, in the light of the rules of the glorious religion of Islam and the noble traditions of the Afghan society.”

US intelligence analysts released a statement back in May 2021 claiming that in case the Taliban regain national power, the group “would roll back much” of the progress made towards women’s rights in the last two decades.

This statement is released amidst excruciatingly slow progress in the Doha Peace Talks, which has raised much concern given the pace of US troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

With the alarming rise in violence over Afghan territory, the Taliban have yet to submit a written piece proposal to be used as starting point for the talks.