Qureishi Reiterating Islamabad’s Changed Approach Towards Afghanistan


KABUL: Pakistani foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureishi once again reiterated Islamabad’s changed attitude towards Afghanistan, claiming the attitude will favor a future arrangement acceptable to all Afghans.

During an interview with Tolo News aired on Saturday, Qureishi termed “reconciliation, coexistence, and talk among all Afghans” as the only solution to end conflicts in Afghanistan. He emphasized Pakistan wanting “peace and reconciliation.”

He denied the existence of Quetta and Peshawar Shuras (Councils) in Pakistan, claiming most of the Taliban leaders “are in Afghanistan.”  

When asked about Pakistan’s role in Afghan Peace Process, he maintained Pakistan’s involvement only as mediator if needed, saying Pakistan will not involve in intra-Afghan talks.

When asked what type of government Pakistan supported in Afghanistan, he said “for the people of Afghanistan to decide—who governs them and what kind of a political dispensation Afghanistan wants.” 

This is all in light of rising concerns of Pakistan’s potential involvement in providing safe havens for the Taliban and similar extremist insurgencies. Such Involvement is considered detrimental to Afghanistan’s stability post-US withdrawal.