President Ghani Stresses on Strong Coordination Among Security Organs


KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has emphasized on a strong coordination in Afghan security forces and discussed general security situation of the country with military officials, a statement from the Presidential Palace said.

The president as commander-in-chief chaired a high-level security meeting in the Presidential Palace on Tuesday and evaluated latest developments in the country’s general security, the statement said.

Security and defense officials shared the report about the country’s security situation and future plans on responding to militant threats, with the president presidential, the source said.

The Presidential Palace said that Ghani emphasized on strong coordination between security and defense organs of the country and directed military bosses to accelerate their efforts for neutralizing enemy activities.

After two decades of war, the United States announced to withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan by September 11. Soldiers from 36 countries participating in NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan would follow the withdrawal date.