Economic Siege of Districts by Taliban is a Crime: AIHRC


KABUL: Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has said that some areas in the country were under Taliban’s economic siege which includes closure of roads and suspension of supply of essential items such as food to local markets.

The commission in a statement on Sunday said economic siege of people was a matter of great concern and it needed to be resolved immediately.

Economic siege as a war strategy is illegal since it restricts people’s right to life and movement while also depriving them of their basic rights, the statement said.

Roads of many districts in the provinces of the country should be reopened as soon as possible, and those affected by the coronavirus should have access to essential products and services, the commission added.

This comes as Taliban claim capturing over 20 districts in the last one and half a month following escalated violence between the insurgent group and Afghan forces in many parts of the country.