Islamic Organizations Hail ‘Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan’


KABUL: Diplomats and top Islamic authorities welcomed the historic “Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan” conference that would pave way for the resolution of decades-long war in the country. 

The conference, hosted in Makkah on Thursday by the Muslim World League (MWL) brought together for the first-time senior Afghan and Pakistani scholars as well as top officials of the two countries, in an effort to help bring reconciliation among the people of Afghanistan.

The Islamic Broadcasting Union expressed its gratitude for Saudi Arabia’s key role in promoting peace and stability in the Islamic world. It also praised the MWL’s efforts to find solutions.

Sayed Jalal Karim, the former Afghan ambassador to Saudi Arabia told Arab News: “The peace conference was very fruitful for peace and stability in Afghanistan. It came at a very good time that will help to further strengthen relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

“There is a role for Ulema (Muslim scholars) for peace in Afghanistan. And the senior scholars have gathered to sign the historic declaration of peace in order to resolve the crisis,” he said.

Shafiq Samim, the permanent representative of Afghanistan to the OIC, said that the country has been suffering from war for four decades.