Taliban Warn Foreigners Regarding Embassies and Airport Plans


Kabul: Taliban warned the international communities on Saturday that leaving foreign troops in the country to secure embassies and the country’s main commercial airport in Kabul will be considered as “invaders,” according to statement released by the Taliban’s on Saturday.

“The presence of foreign forces in our territory under whatever name or by whatever country is unacceptable for the Afghan people and the Islamic Emirate,” the Taliban warned in a statement (Taliban).

Every inch of Afghan soil, its airports, and security of foreign embassies and diplomatic offices is the responsibility of the Afghans, consequently, no one should hold out hope of keeping military or security presence in our country, nor should steps be taken that could strain relations between peoples and countries, according to the Taliban’s statement.

“If anyone does make such a mistake, the Afghan people and the Islamic Emirate shall view them as occupiers and shall take a stance against them as they have taken against invaders throughout history, the responsibility in which case shall also fall on their shoulders.”

Turkey has agreed to take over control of the airport if provided certain criteria are met.

In the meantime, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated at a press conference on Friday that the airport problem will be considered in depth.