US Considers Airstrikes if Afghan Forces Face Crisis


KABUL: According to The New York Times, the Pentagon is looking at the prospect of airstrikes to assist Afghan forces if the Taliban seize control of a major city in Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden has pledged to end the US involvement in the conflict, promising to withdraw all American troops by September 11, but the recent consideration over airstrikes puts a strain on that goal.

According to the New York Times, the Biden administration had planned to halt US air support after troops were removed, but concerns about the effects persuaded them to reconsider.

US officials told the news agency that no decisions have been taken but that there is active discussion over what a US response would look like if the Taliban capitalize on US withdrawal and move in to threaten takeover of a major city, including Kabul, the capital.

The Pentagon would reportedly use warplanes or drones to respond to Taliban threats to Afghan security forces.