Kabul Will Not Accept Non-Peaceful Solutions: Mohib


Kabul: National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib said in a phone discussion with Iranian special envoy for Afghanistan, Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian that Kabul will not accept any solutions based on non-peaceful means.

Iranian envoy and Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor discussed the recent developments in Afghanistan, Iran’s Fars news agency reported on Wednesday.

During the conversation, Mohib praised Iran’s stance on the Afghan peace process and stated that Kabul would not accept solutions based on non-peaceful means. He also stressed the importance of responding to a new wave of violence in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, elaborating on his meetings with UN representatives for Yemen and Afghanistan, wrote on his Twitter account that Tehran is prepared to help facilitate a peaceful solution for conflicts in Yemen and Afghanistan.

The siege on Yemen should be lifted, and the Afghan peace process should continue with intra-Afghan discussions, Zarif concluded.