Pentagon Military Chiefs Consider Post-Withdrawal Financial Support to Afghanistan


KABUL: Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby has said that the US is currently focusing on the post-withdrawal support process, which he says will be largely financial.

At a news briefing on Wednesday, Kirby said: “I want to underscore that support for the post-retirement of Afghanistan is currently mostly being focused on financial means, with logistical help on the future.”
“For example, aircraft maintenance, that’s really where the focus of the efforts is,” he said.

US Marine Corps General Kenneth F. McKenzie, the commander of U.S. Central Command, and his staff are working now to develop that plan in Afghanistan before the US leaves, Kirby said.

The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces — intended to offer resources to troops or police wages — are anticipated to continue to assist them as much as they have for over the last 15 years, Kirby said, Kirby added. 

“That said … we want to have additional capabilities, and we’re working through that,” he added.

Kirby also stressed the need of keeping Kabul airport safe and open for business once the US exits Afghanistan. 
“Obviously, in a country like Afghanistan, security of that logistical hub is important, and you want to make sure that, that it can … be properly ensured and protected,” he concluded.