Active Peace Negotiations to Begin Soon: HCNR

Mustafa MAstoor.jpg

KABUL: An advisor of the High Council of National Reconciliation (HCNR) has said that there were high hopes for resumption of peace negotiations in the near future with active engagements of the warring sides.

Talking to a webinar organized by Atlantic Council on Tuesday, senior HCNR advisor, Mustafa Mastoor said that Afghanistan was facing new realities and there was a need for active negotiations to pave way for a peaceful solution to the ongoing war in the country.

 “It’s already late. It’s already too slow and we have to move ahead as soon as possible,” he added, adding that political groups and figures who had their role in the peace process should also be engaged in negotiations.

Mastoor said he had productive conversations in Washington about Afghan peace talks on Tuesday, and that discussions would continue to support jump-start stalled negotiations.

The Taliban realized that they will not be able to control the country by force, particularly at the present when they have limited financial resources, he said without elaborating.

The Afghan government says that it would present a unified peace plan in Turkey conference on Afghan peace expected to hold in the near future.