Imran Khan Links Regional Stability to Peace in Afghanistan


KABUL: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that a peaceful political transition in Afghanistan is important for regional security, connectivity, and development after the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country.

“It is imperative for the peace of the entire region that there should be a peaceful transition in Afghanistan,” Imran Khan told participants of an event in Islamabad on Wednesday.

He was addressing the concluding ceremony of the second conference of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Economic Cooperation Organization (PAECO) countries.

“Otherwise 1989-like chaos will occur when the Soviet forces left and everyone knows what happened after it,” Khan warned.

If there is peace in Afghanistan, the entire region will develop, but if there is not, the entire region will be in jeopardy, he added.

Representatives from PAECO member countries including Afghanistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Iran, Uzbekistan also attended the conference.