Peace Process Should be Kept Out of ‘Foreign Project’: Karzai


KABUL: Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has urged the government and the Taliban to keep peace negotiations out of “foreign project” and transform it into an uninterrupted national process.

The process of peace discussions has failed so far and the reason is that it has remained as a foreign project, he said while addressing a conference in Kabul on Monday.

He added that the negotiations could be accelerated and more productive if it turned from a ‘foreign project’ to a national process.

“We should turn peace into our own process; we should start it by ourselves and on our own soil. It would be even better if the Taliban and the government agree to continue the negotiations in Bamyan which has good hotels and weather, we do not need to air-condition there…,” he said. 

Karzai said that Nuristan, Panjshir, Nangarhar, and Uruzgan provinces were also good places for continuing peace talks there. 

“The Taliban and the Afghan government are responsible to make this process (peace) into own initiative, then we will see it will succeed in a month or even shorter,” he said.