Biden Administration Seeks $3.3b in Aid to Afghan Security Forces


KABUL: Pentagon has requested $3.3 billion in operational support for Afghan security forces in the 2022 budget, up 9.2 percent from 2021.

The Biden administration filed a $752.9 billion national defense budget proposal to Congress on Friday.

The US defense budget consisted $715 billion for the Department of Defense (DoD), including $3.3 billion for Afghanistan.

According to a Reuters report, the $42.1 billion budget proposal for 2022 supports Biden’s decision to remove all US troops from Afghanistan, as well as the consequent force posture and additional contingency activities.

The request supports the continued development of the Afghan army and police to serve as an effective security force that is able to battle terrorism and insurgent threats independently, the source said.

The Pentagon continues building partnerships using the Afghanistan Security Forces Fund (ASFF) ($3.3 billion) for the sustainment, infrastructure, equipment and training requirements for an authorized force of up to 352,000 Ministry of Defense (MoD) and Ministry of Interior (MoI) personnel.

Pentagon sources said the US will continue to help Afghanistan financially rather than with troops on the ground.
Anne McAndrew, a US DoD official told reporters: “We retained funds for an over-the-horizon capability outside Afghanistan and to deter Iran… we must also ensure that the components have sufficient resources to transition out of Afghanistan responsibly.”