Don’t Seek Excuses for War, Instead Work for Peace: Fidai to Taliban

halim Fidaye.jpg

GARDIZ: Mohammad Halim Fidai, governor of Paktia province has said that the message of Islam for humanity was to practice peace and harmony and avoid threatening the lives of their fellow human beings.

Fidai in a speech to a number of people after Friday prayer in the capital of Paktia province said that the message of Islam was well-being of people and prevent oppressions as well as guide people to live in harmony with one another.

Saving lives is a divine guidance while killing people is the opposite according to the teachings of Islam, he added while pointing to the Taliban.

Fidai said that the Taliban should not seek excuses for prolonging the war instead the group should work for the establishment of peace if the group was honest about ending the conflict in the country.

Imam of the mosque, Shir Rahman stressed on end of the ongoing conflict and establishment of peace in the country, saying that killing innocent human beings was the worst sin in Islamic belief. 
He asked the people to work for peace, so the ongoing miseries would be put to an end and people return to a normal life.