Mohib Urges Pakistan to Cut Ties with the Taliban


KABUL: Following reports of Pakistani government’s sever relations with Afghan National Security Advisor (NSA),  Hamdullah Mohib on Saturday said that it would have been better for the neighboring country to close its relations with terrorist groups.

“Cutting off Pakistan’s relationship with us is not very effective, because it is not a good relationship right now. What can be exemplified to prove a good relationship with Pakistan? Instead of severing ties with us, it is better for Pakistan to sever ties with terrorist groups,” Mohib said in a press conference today.

He went on to say, “Pakistan’s intervention in Afghanistan is not hidden. We want this issue to be resolved through diplomatic collaboration. We want the Taliban to stop killing Afghans. They always make promises, but they have not yet fulfilled them. Now we all know who is behind this conflict.

Mohib said that people of Pashtun and Baloch ethnic groups in Pakistan were not satisfied with how they were treated by the country’s government as they were not given their rights.

For healthy ties with Afghanistan, Pakistan should cut their ties with the Taliban, he added. 
Early this month, in a public speech in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan National Security Chief, Hamdullah Mohib called Pakistan a “brothel house”.