Sullivan Reaffirms US’ Continued Bilateral Partnership with Afghanistan


KABUL: The Afghan national security advisor and his US counterpart have exchanged views on the peace process and issues of mutual interests, the White House said in a statement on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Jake Sullivan spoke with Hamdullah Mohib on continuation of engagement with the Afghan government and people during a phone call and reaffirmed the enduring strength of bilateral partnership along with renewed commitment to resume consultation between two countries, the source said.

Sullivan mentioned the Biden administration’s plan to continue assisting the Afghan National Defense and security forces, the statement added.

The US national security advisor also mentioned continued civilian assistance to help the Afghan people, said Emily Horne, the National Security Council spokesperson.

The two officials agreed on continuance of cooperation in support of common objective, including a negotiated political settlement, she added.
“The US would stand firmly with the Afghan people as they worked to achieve durable and inclusive peace,” Sullivan promised.