‘Not courageous to abandon our allies’ US senator reacts to withdrawal from Afghanistan


KABUL: US republican senator, Mitch McConnell criticized US President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan and warned of consequences and dangers of forces drawdown.

Addressing the U.S. Senate, McConnell said Biden’s decision was “dangerous, wishful thinking”. He said the decision “is not underpinned by a coherent plan to mitigate the geopolitical and humanitarian risk that our departure will create.”

“When we are gone, after we leave, there’s every reason to believe al-Qaeda will regroup in its historic safe haven,” he said.

McConnell said the U.S. had learned that in order to fight terrorists, it was important to have reliable access and local partnerships. He said the U.S. military currently flies both reconnaissance and strike missions against terrorists from within Afghanistan – adding that the country is not easy to get to as the neighboring countries are Iran, Pakistan and Russian-influenced Central Asian nations. 

“If the Taliban takes Kabul, will the Biden administration recognize it as the legitimate government of Afghanistan?” he asked, adding “will we shutter our embassy and our aid programs?”

The reality, he said, was “they don’t know. They can’t say. There’s no plan.” He went on to say that the U.S. was in fact “abandoning” Afghanistan. “It’s not courageous to abandon our allies,” he said.
Mitch McConnell is one of many US critics of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.