Taliban Opposes US Military Presence in Afghanistan’s Neighborhood

Taliban sign.png

KABUL: Following reports of US military relocation to Pakistan, the Taliban have warned against US military presence in neighboring countries of Afghanistan and said Afghan people would not keep silent over the establishment of any US military establishment across the Durand Line.

In a  statement, the Taliban on Wednesday urged neighboring countries not to allow anyone to do so. However, the Taliban did not name any countries.

“If such a step is taken again, it will be a great and historic mistake and disgrace,” the group said, adding that they would “not remain silent in the face of such heinous and provocative acts”.

Earlier, addressing the Pakistani senate on Tuesday, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi also rejected the reports regarding the matter by saying “the government of Imran Khan will never allow any American base on its soil.”

US officials also said that they did not reach any agreements with the Pakistani side to build a military base in that country.