Pakistan Gives US Overflight Permit to Support its Presence in Afghanistan


KABUL: Pakistan has granted the US military access and overflight to bolster its operations in Afghanistan, a Pentagon official said on Sunday.
The US administration will continue to engage Pakistan because of the country’s critical role in the Afghan peace process, according to US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Affairs David F Helvey, who testified before the US Senate Armed Services Committee.
When questioned by committee members to explain Pakistan’s perspective on Afghanistan’s future, the Pentagon official responded, “We will continue our conversations with Pakistan because their support and contribution to the future of Afghanistan, to future peace in Afghanistan, is going to be critical.”
US Senator Joe Manchin, questioned Helvey, “Are you confident of our [US] regional partners and their capacity and commitment to drive terrorists out of the region?” during the hearing.
“We will have to work with our local and regional partners, and we want to continue developing those capabilities and those partnerships to be able to ensure that we have the right of framework to address the threats,” Helvey said in response to Manchin’s question.
Joe Biden, the US Vice President, has stated that all American soldiers would leave Afghanistan by September 11.
As US soldiers prepare to leave, the Taliban have increased their attacks across the country, with US intelligence services saying that the Afghan military would be unable to secure the country without foreign assistance.