Pakistan Promotes Political Settlement in Afghanistan: Qureshi


KABUL: Pakistani foreign minister, Shah Mahmod Qureshi has said his country was giving all needed efforts to facilitate a peaceful political solution in Afghanistan.
“Peace in Afghanistan is a collective responsibility of all Afghan groups and of key external stakeholders,” Qureshi said in an online meeting with US lawmakers on Saturday.
Pakistani foreign minister also urged for strengthening of regional commerce and development when speaking to members of the US House of Representatives and the Senate.
On the other hand, Afghan officials accuse Pakistan of harboring, financing and supporting insurgent groups fighting in Afghanistan. They say Pakistan should shut sanctuaries of terrorist groups and cut support to them in that country if it was honest about peace in Afghanistan.
On Saturday, thousands of Afghans called on Pakistan to stop ‘proxy war’ in Afghanistan, using a twitter hashtag #WhatAfghansWant, in response to Mr. Qureshi’s recent remarks on ‘what Afghans want from Pakistan.’