Afghan Govt. Welcomes NATO’s Support to Afghan Forces After Troop Pullout


KABUL: The Afghan government welcomed NATO’s commitment to helping Afghan security and defense forces after foreign troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan.
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has stated that the military alliance will continue to help the Afghan army after international forces end their presence in Afghanistan.
Wahid Omar, an advisor to President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday welcomed NATO’s statement regarding its assistance to Afghan forces, saying previous accomplishments would be secured with new commitments from the North Atlantic Alliance.
“This partnership is between Afghan security force and NATO. NATO is committed to arm, train, and advise Afghan forces under the partnership, and we welcome that,” Dawa Khan Minapal, President Ghani’s spokesman.
On Friday, Stoltenberg stated that a new chapter of collaboration between Kabul and NATO would begin after the US pullout.
This is while military affairs experts expressed concerns over US withdrawal and ANSF capability in defeating terrorism independently in Afghanistan.