US Military Equipment May End Up in Taliban's Hands: Trollinger 


KABUL: During a Senate hearing on Afghanistan, US Brigadier General Matthew Trollinger, deputy director of politico-military relations for the Joint Staff, informed senators that US military equipment may end up in the hands of Taliban fighters and terrorist groups.
“There aren’t any guarantees,” Trollinger said when asked if enemy fighters in the region would steal some of the abandoned and gifted military equipment to Afghan forces. 
“We will be retrograding equipment that we’re able to bring back to bases and stations in the continental United States as well as elsewhere, and then we’ll be disposing of equipment that essentially is either obsolete, inoperable or legally we’re not able to transfer to Afghanistan,” he added.
The US military is destroying and dismantling weapons that will not be returned to the US or transferred to Afghan forces. A few weeks ago, the US military said that about 1,300 pieces of equipment had been destroyed so far as part of the coming withdrawal from Afghansitan.
This comes as a number of members of the Senate Armed Services Committee have expressed concerns about the security situation in Afghanistan after the United States leaves. 
Meanwhile, CENTCOM officials indicated earlier this week that the drawdown is between 13 and 20 percent complete.