Balkhies Condemned Recent Attacks, Call on Warring Sides to End Violence


BALKH: A number of residents of Balkh province at a rally in Mazar-e-, the capital of Balkh province, condemned recent bombings and suicide attacks in the country and called for an end to war and violence.
The gathering was held on Tuesday in the courtyard of Balkh Provincial Council with the participation of youths, students and religious scholars to raise the voice in support of peace.
The participants chanted slogans ‘We are tired of war and want a dignified peace’ and asked the conflict parties to listen to the voice of the Afghan public.
They called on the government to identify and punish the perpetrators of recent deadly attacks and said that the blood innocent people should not be tramped down.
Religious scholars have also called the attacks by extremist groups, targeting innocent people and students, actions in conflict to divine standards and called those involved in such activities criminals.