Taliban Must Recognize Past Gains in Any Peace Deal, Says Ghani

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KABUL: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has said that the Taliban must recognize the achievements of Afghan people, particularly women made over the last few decades in any possible peace agreement.
The president said that if the Taliban were not interested in peace or wanted forceful takeover of power or tried for a “dictatorial regime,” “all the patriotic forces of Afghanistan would have to assemble and make a decision. And, sadly, that problem would have to be settled on the battlefield.”
About the withdrawal of foreign forces and the possibility of increasing violence, Ghani stated that Afghan security forces were prepared to fight. “We’ve been ready for months.”
The US exit, he said, was a strategic choice that “clarifies a lot of things.” 
Ghani said that the Taliban were unable to hold on areas it had captured despite the group’s continued struggles.
“Arghandab was Kandahar’s sole district where they attempted to hold on. And now people despise them vehemently,” he added.
Taliban must agree that Afghanistan’s future democratic structure would be based on elections, if there is any peace agreement with the group, Ghani said.
“If there is war, I am the commander in chief. I will not abandon my people. I will not abandon my forces. I am willing to die for my country. I have no interest in power. I’m committed to the principle of ensuring order. Afghan society wants order,” he said when asked whether he would resign.