Islamabad Protests Remarks of Ghani, Mohib on Pakistan’s ‘Aid’ to Taliban


KABUL: Pakistani foreign ministry has sent a demarche to Afghanistan’s envoy in Islamabad on Monday in response to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s statements and recent remarks made by Afghan politicians about the neighboring country.
President Ashraf Ghani in an interview last week accused Pakistan of running an organized system of Taliban support.
Ghani told Der Spiegel that the Taliban’s decision-making organizations, such as the Quetta, Miran Shah, and Peshawar councils, were named after Pakistani cities.
Meanwhile, on Saturday, Hamdullah Mohib, Afghan National Security Advisor said Pakistan was sacrificing Taliban for its own political goals.
Pakistan’s foreign ministry in response to Ghani and Mohib’s remarks today said that such claims have undermined mutual confidence and could damage the relationship between the two countries.
Such claims also ignored Pakistan’s positive role in aiding the Afghan peace process,  the ministry in a statement said.
Pakistan also summoned Afghan envoy to Islamabad, Najibullah Alikhel and protested Ghani and Mohib’s statements on the neighboring country’s ‘support’ for Taliban.