Forming High State Council on Peace Process to Finalize Soon: Source


KABUL: The Afghan government tries to finalize High Council of the State, a body that would strive to develop a consensus on peace and other key issues related to peace to the peace process.
A government official who wished to go unnamed told Tolo News that talks were underway to comprise the council’s membership list, with majority of the members would include leaders of political parties.
The political figures whose names appear on the list are expected to convene in a large gathering to debate the country’s future in terms of peace and conflict, the official said.
However, the Presidential Palace said that it has not been decided whether the council would serve as an advising body or have decision-making power in the peace process.
“It has not been finalized about how many parties will be there, what will be its (council) name, what will be the limits in terms of authorities and responsibilities. More consultations are needed,” said Dawa Khan Minapal, a presidential spokesman.
However, a number of senators believed that a few figures inside the Presidential Palace had negatively influenced political affairs of the country.
“Mahmod Fazli, Hamdullah Mohib, Ashraf Ghani, and his wife are in charge of the Presidential Palace. These four persons are in charge of Afghanistan policy. Otherwise, Ashraf Ghani is not consulting the parliament,” said an MP from Helmand, Shir Mohammad Akhundzada.
According to sources, the council will include more than 20 political individuals as members. However, Hamayun Jarir, a member of Hizb-e-Islami Afghanistan claimed that despite the President’s attempts to create the council and develop a political consensus for peace, some figures inside the government were opposing the council.
“Anyone who truly wants peace should not adopt the division policy,” Ahmad Wali Massoud, the founder of Ahmad Shah Massoud Foundation said without elaboration.