Temporary Truce Not Helpful to Solve Country’s Problems: Abdullah


KABUL: After the Taliban’s announcement for a three-day ceasefire, Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) said that temporary ceasefires were not helpful to solve the country’s problems and there was need for real efforts to bring peace to the country.
“We agree that the only way to resolve the country’s current situation is to accelerate dialogue, call a permanent truce, and put an end to the war,” Abdullah said.
According to Abdullah, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan had previously announced unilateral ceasefires on Eid days and special occasions.
“Temporary ceasefires on these occasions provide a brief opportunity for people to peace but is not a fundamental and permanent solution to the country’s problems,” he said.
Meanwhile, he underlined that there was no military solution to the Afghan crisis.
“The history in the last four decades suggests that the version of aggression and killing is not only a solution, but it has led to the depth of the crisis and conflict,” Abdullah said, adding that no groups should think that the solution to the Afghan war was bloodshed and killing.
He urged the Taliban to resume talks and declare a “permanent truce” to “end the war and bloodshed” and pursue a “just, dignified, and suitable diplomatic settlement for both sides.”