US, EU Called on Urgent Resumption of Intra-Afghan Talks


KABUL: The US and European Union called for an urgent resumption of intra-Afghan talks on Friday and condemned the Taliban for carrying out attacks amid withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.
Representatives from Washington, the EU, NATO, and other European countries met in Berlin on Thursday to discuss the withdrawal of the US and other foreign powers from Afghanistan.
The Berlin meeting ended with a statement that urged the urgent resumption of constructive talks on Afghanistan’s future. 
“Strongly condemning the continuing instability in Afghanistan, for which the Taliban are largely responsible,” the statement released after the Berlin talks said.
The statement also urged the Taliban to “end their undeclared spring offensive.”
“Compromise positions on power-sharing that can lead to an equitable and legitimate government should be established during the talks,” the source added.
“The troop withdrawal process must not be seen as a pretext for the Taliban to halt the peace process,” it said.
The statement said that any attacks from Taliban on withdrawing forces would be retaliated.
Since the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, government forces and the Taliban have been fighting ferociously, particularly in the remote Helmand province.
In Lashkar Gah, capital of Helmand province, US warplanes assisted in reversing a Taliban offensive that caused thousands of Afghans to leave their homes.