NATO Seeks New Ways to Continue Support to Afghanistan: Stoltenberg


KABUL: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed the drawdown of NATO’s Resolute Training mission was underway but said the end of the alliance’s mission did not mean the end of its relationship with Afghanistan. 

Allies are looking to continue providing Afghan forces with financial and training assistance, Stoltenberg said while speaking at a meeting of European Union Defense Ministers on Thursday.

“We are now looking into how we can continue to provide support. We are looking at ways to provide financial support, support with training, and also supporting the national community in Afghanistan” he added.

NATO of course strongly supported the peace process and a negotiated peaceful solution to the conflict in Afghanistan is the best way to maintain the achievements we have made together over the last (two) decades,” Stoltenberg said.

“The drawdown of NATO troops and the end of the Resolute Support Mission is not the end to our partnership with Afghanistan. It is actually opening up a new chapter,” he said.

United States has about 2,500 troops in Afghanistan and based on the Biden administration’s announcement, their number will be zero by Sept. 11, beyond the deadline previously agreed with the Taliban.