Ghazni Dwellers Ask Warring Sides to Declare Truce Before Eid


KABUL: A number of people in a gathering in Ghazni province on Thursday asked conflict parties to declare ceasefire before Eid-ul-Fitr, saying both sides should show flexibility and agree on a permanent peace in the country.

Participants of the gathering organized in the governor’s house in the capital of Ghazni province termed ongoing conflict in the country as the main barrier for peace and asked warring sides to agree on a truce and reach a peace agreement for ending the decades-long war in the country.

Haji Nader Khan Girowal, a tribal elder from the province said, “Peace is the demand of all the people, we want peace to protect our values, empower our government and our security forces.

He said that the Taliban should stop their attacks on civilian targets and public facilities.

Molavi Mohammad Anas, Imam of Jami Awlia Mosque in Ghazni city said that both sides of the conflict were Afghans and there was a need for peace between both parties.

“Armed parties should stop war for at least a month, then think about what they have done, if the ceasefire was not better than four decades of misery then they can take weapons again and continue the war,” he said.

He said that it was the responsibility of Islamic scholars to raise their voices for peace in the country.

Nazifa Salehi, a women’s rights activist, said that the ongoing war in Afghanistan was a campaign for the eradication of Afghans and it needed to be stopped immediately.

She said that there were no excuses left for the continuation of conflicts in the country after foreign forces announced they were leaving Afghanistan. Salehi voiced on the Taliban to declare a ceasefire for the sake of coming to Eid-ul-Fitr.

The gathering comes as clashes between the Afghan forces and the Taliban have intensified in parts of Ghazni province where thousands of people are forced to leave their areas.