Balkh Youths Want Active Role in Peace Talks


KABUL: The New Generation Peace Jirga, a civil society group advocating for peace, in a conference on Wednesday discussed the role of youths in peace process, a permanent ceasefire and continuation of peace negotiations in Balkh province.
The conference was organized in collaboration with the Youth Contact Group in Mazar-e-Sharif, capital of Balkh province where youths shared their views and suggestions about the peace process.
Organizers of the conference said that the views and suggestions of the participants would be shared with the government’s peace negotiating team.
Declaration of a permanent ceasefire, active participation of youths in the peace process and continuation of peace talks were among the basic demands of the participants of the meeting.
The conference, meanwhile, urged peace negotiators to continue their talks until reaching a tangible outcome.
Peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government were scheduled to take place in Istanbul, Turkey, but the event was postponed after the Taliban refused to attend it.