Taliban’s Position on Future Peace Talks ‘Vague’: Abdullah


KABUL: The Chairman of High Council of National Reconciliation (HCNR) Abdullah Abdullah claims that the Afghan Republic currently had no any interactions with the Taliban representatives, and the group’s position on the future of negotiations remains “vague.”
In an interview with Voice of America, Abdullah was asked if the two teams had any interaction, his response was ‘No’.
“They leave their positions vague. They say, ‘We want the establishment of an Islamic system,’ but do not explain what that means. How will the leaders be elected or selected? They want an Islamic Council. But they do not give explanations how that system would work?” he said.
Referring to the Turkey conference scheduled after Eid-ul-Fitr, he stated that if the Taliban refused to attend a meeting that required attendance of both parties, then such events were cancelled. 
“They have not confirmed that they would not be there, and they have not confirmed that they would be there; that has always been the issue with dealing with the Taliban, their status on this matter is still ambiguous,” Abdullah said.
About the departure of foreign troops, Abdullah said that, “Taliban’s stance might become even more emboldened.”
“Well, as far as their excuses, or the reasons that they were giving, that it is because of the presence of the international forces, it is jihad against foreigners and so forth, so, in three months, perhaps in less than three months, there will be no foreign troops on our soil,” he said.
He hoped that the Taliban would show interest in a peaceful resolution to the current problem, otherwise the conflicts would continue in the country.
A civil war, according to Abdullah, cannot be ruled out, but he adds, “Let us not lose faith because that would be the worst-case scenario. So, at this stage, the whole emphasis should be on how to make it (peace) work.”