Afghan Govt. May Face "Bad Possible Outcomes" Against Taliban: Milley


KABUL: The Afghan government may face “bad possible outcomes” against Taliban militants, as foreign troops’ withdrawal accelerates, a top US general warned on Sunday.
Mark Milley, chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff, while responding to questions of reporters on Sunday, said, “On the one hand, you get some dramatic, possible bad outcomes, and on the other hand, you get a military that stays together and a government that stays together.” 
“Which one of these options becomes a reality at the end of the day, we frankly do not know yet, and we have to wait and see how things develop over the summer. There are many variables to this, and it is not hundred percent predictable,” he added.
He, meanwhile, stated that there was “at least the possibility” of a negotiated political settlement between the Afghan government and the Taliban.
Foreign forces are scheduled to leave Afghanistan fully by September 11.
This comes as the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the US must be prepared for “any situation” in Afghanistan.
“We are looking at this– in a really clear-eyed way,” he said in an interview with CBS News, a US media outlet.
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also warned that the Afghan government would possibly face breakdown and the country plunge into civil war after US troops leave Afghanistan.