No Justification for Taliban's Continued Brutality: NSA


KABUL: National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib questioned the Taliban’s continued brutality, saying the government sees no reason for the violence when US and NATO forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan.
Speaking at a security press conference on Saturday, Mohib underlined that “Taliban is a force that is only seeking power.” 
According to Mohib, the Taliban obtains all of their military equipment ammunition from Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).
“The Taliban are slaves of the ISI. They get all their equipment and explosions for killing Afghans and destruction of Afghanistan from there (Pakistan), and the entire world knows about it, the Taliban needs to provide explanation about it to the nation,” Mohib said.
He also emphasized that Al Qaeda was instrumental in holding the Taliban’s war machine continued in Afghanistan.
“The Taliban claims that except them, no other groups in the country could wage war, the Taliban also claim that they are in full control of their fighters. In this scenario, all responsibilities of (destructive activities) go to the Taliban,” he said. 
Mohib said that despite the Taliban claimed there were no other groups to fight in the country, Al Qaeda recently in a statement announced their presence in the country. Daesh is also active here and all these groups are carrying out their activities with support from the Taliban, he said.
The Taliban, however, has repeatedly denied claims about the group’s links with Al Qaeda.