Taliban Guarded US Military Bases for a Year After Doha Deal


KABUL: The Taliban have reportedly guarding western military bases in Afghanistan for more than a year while kept continued assaults on Afghan security forces, Reuters reports.
According to Reuters, the Taliban insurgents provided security and covered western bases in accordance with a classified appendix to last year’s Doha agreement.
The US State Department did not instantly respond to questions regarding the presence of such an additional text and what western officials referred to as a “Taliban ring of security,” according to the media source.
With about 2,000 US troops still in Afghanistan, Western officials told Reuters that the Taliban protected foreign bases from attacks by groups such as Daesh (Islamic State). 
The source said that Taliban’s defense of the facilities was a good-faith gesture to ensure that Afghan soil would not be used for attacks on US interests.
The militants offered a layer of protection, more like a buffer, and requested their fighters not to harm any foreign soldiers, the report quoted US diplomats who spoke in the condition of anonymity.
“Even small attacks carried out by the Haqqani network and Islamic State fighters across the bases were quickly responded to by the Taliban,” the diplomat said.
Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid also told Reuters that “So far our commitment of not attacking the foreign forces is until May 1, after that the deadline, we are discussing whether or not to attack foreign troops.”