Troop pullout will not endanger US national stability: Biden


KABUL: US President Joe Biden has that withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan would not endanger America’s national stability but it will show “American leadership” by breaking the chain of endless military struggle.
“American leadership means ending the forever war in Afghanistan,” Biden said. “We have, without hyperbole, the greatest fighting force in the history of the world. I am the first president in 40 years who knows what it means to have a son serving in the war zone.”
He claimed that the Afghan war was never intended to be a multigenerational conflict. In his first formal speech to lawmakers, he said, “We wanted to get terrorists who attacked on 9/11, and we said we’d follow some of them to the gates of hell to do it.”
“And we delivered justice to bin Laden. We degraded the terrorist threat of al Qaeda and Afghanistan, and after 20 years of valor and sacrifice, it is time to bring those troops home,” he added.
“Even while we uphold the right to suppress threats to the homeland, make no mistake — extremism has metastasized in the last 20 years,” Biden said.    
Biden declared earlier this month that all US troops would leave Afghanistan by September 11, which drew criticism from some American politicians that the pullout would pave way for resurgence of militant groups in the war-torn country.