Milley Warns of Potential Civil War in Afghanistan After Troop Pullout


KABUL: Following the withdrawal of foreign troops, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff has warned of potential civil war and the return of Al Qaeda to Afghanistan.
General Mark Milley, speaking at the Sedona Forum on Wednesday, said, “In the worst-case scenario, you have a possible government collapse.”
According to The National, a UAE-based newspaper, Milley also spoke about a humanitarian disaster and the possibility of Al Qaeda returning to Afghanistan after international troops leave the country.
When asked whether an agreement between the Afghan government and the Taliban was a foregone conclusion, Gen Milley said it wasn’t.
However, he pledged that the US will continue to support diplomatic attempts to reach a negotiated settlement between Kabul and the Taliban, stating that such an agreement would be in the Afghans’ best interests.
This is while the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken earlier said that Afghanistan could be taken over by the Taliban or devolve into civil war.
While speaking to CNN on Tuesday, Blinken said that when the US withdraws all of its forces from Afghanistan, civil war or Taliban invasion is “certainly a possible scenario.”