Pakistani Delegation Assures Taliban Will Agree on Truce, Join Turkey Summit


KABUL: A Pakistani delegation during its visit to Kabul has assured the Afghan government of the Taliban’s meaningful presence at the Istanbul summit and the group’s possible agreement on truce.
President Ghani’s special envoy for Pakistan, Umer Daudzai, told TOLO News on Tuesday that his Pakistani counterpart, Mohammad Sadiq who was heading the delegation, also assured that the Taliban would reduce violence and agree on a truce when attended the Turkey conference.
The delegation promised to follow up with its commitments as soon as a new date for the Turkey conference is announced, the news agency quoted Daudzai as saying.
“They brought the message that they would use all of their resources to encourage the Taliban to agree on truce and that the Taliban should not miss peace related negotiations, including the Turkey conference,” Daudzai said.
This is while Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in an interview with Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency has warned against civil war in Afghanistan if no political settlement reached between the conflict parties.
However, the Taliban did not comment so far on these statements.