Balkh Gathering Asks for Active Role of Women in Peace Talks


BALKH: A number of women in Balkh province in a meeting on Monday discussed participation of their representatives in peace negotiations, asking the government forces and the Taliban to cease violence.
The meeting was held in Mazar-e-Sharif, capital of Balkh province on Monday and it was attended by women’s rights activists, who urged on their role in future peace talks.
Fariba Akbaryar, organizer of the meeting said that more than 100 women took part in the program for discussing the nature of women’s role in any peace related negotiations in the future.
The aim of gatherings of this kind is to collect the views and suggestions of women about peace as some of these concerns have already been shared with national and international organizations, she said.
Participants of the meeting expressed concern over growing insecurity in the country and asked conflict parties to declare a permanent truce.
Ending the decades-long war, continuation of peace talks, active participation of women in peace negotiations, supporting the republic government and preserving the achievements of the past were other demands of Balkh women.